Taking the Plunge Without Hesitation

     Blogging… the word that managed to speed my heart up just a little bit and cause my breath to catch midway down my throat. It isn’t that I am oblivious to the benefits of the practice, nor am I naive to my own potential. I am, however, aware of my inexperience and of the pressing matter at hand; learning to blog with purpose, and fast!

     Thankfully, educators set out to, well, educate! Once the reality hit me that I would be taking this plunge as part of a wonderful community of learners and teachers, fear turned to anticipation, which then turned to excitement. I love to write and I love to read creative pieces written by others. I love to share my knowledge and I love to learn from as many people as I can. When I think about it, blogging will open up a whole new world of some of the very things I am passionate about.. education, writing, and community.

     Of course, there are many other forms of educational technology out there, and I am not a stranger to all of them. My experience as an educator and a student has challenged me in many ways, but perhaps the biggest of those is the necessity to familiarize myself with technologies and their tools, such as google classroom, using i-pads for creative learning, and online chat programs to connect with peers.

     As I mentioned before, I am passionate about community. I am an extrovert, a compassionate person, a Christian, and a proud community member in northern Saskatchewan (where diverse educational resources are somewhat limited without technology). These are few of the many identifiers that I personally hold. These in particular directly impact my view on educational technology. The things that make me who I am also create a drive within me to connect with the world. Each person is unique. Each person has a story. Each person has something to share… something to contribute. I believe that educational technology is important; I believe that it has the potential to grow education in a large way.

     I am taking the plunge into the world of online learning. I am striving to use the internet with educational intention. My personal learning network is important to me, why not make it count online too?

Photo Credit: BitsFromBytes Flickr via Compfight cc

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