The Time has Come to Dust off That Banjo!

Have you ever looked into the back of that storage space that has been piling up over many years? As you begin to sort through the layers of dust and neglected boxes, an object catches your eye. Maybe it is a suitcase that you have longed to make use of, or maybe it is something special that you’ve never bothered to use.. an instrument perhaps?

I am all too familiar with this scenario. I got my banjo several years ago after being deeply drawn to it in a music store. The strings seemed to call my name and the unique sounds of the instrument warmed my heart. I ask myself now, though, how have I put this off for so long when it is something that I want to learn so bad? 

The good news? I am going to pull up my socks and start right now! That’s right; I’m going to learn the art of banjo playing once and for all! I invite you to follow me as I begin this exciting new journey.

Below is my recipe for success:


Approximate Time: 1 hour per day/ 3 days per week (Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays)


  1. Gather needed videos and save them to my Youtube playlist.
  2. Gather websites and save them to my favourites.
  3. Create some accountability by revealing my plan on this blog (you can expect weekly posts to ensure that I am actually trying).
  4. Self check: Who? me What? learning the banjo Where? in the comfort of my own home When? now! Why? It’s about time I fulfill my long awaited desire to do just this How? awesome online resources
  5. Dust off that banjo!


One happy camper!

With my recipe for success laid out and my ambition through the roof, I am officially ready to begin this incredible journey. Please follow along as I move from simply owning a banjo to, hopefully, playing a little closer to this!

4 thoughts on “The Time has Come to Dust off That Banjo!

  1. Hey Danica!
    This is such a great learning project to take up! I have never known of anyone personally who has learnt to play the banjo so this is going to be super interesting to follow you on your journey! I think you have a great plan laid out for success and I love how organized you are! That will definitely benefit you this semester! I also think that your blog post is written in a really nice format and shows some great personality!

    Here is some general advice that I would like to extend to you based on my experience with #EDTC300:
    -Stay on top of those blog posts! I know it may seem easy to procrastinate or put them off, but it really helped me to stay on schedule! From reading this post I don’t think that this will be a problem for you at all!
    -Don’t be afraid to ask questions or fail! In terms of learning projects, I think it is super important to highlight not only your successes, but also your struggles! This will help you to grow and improve, as well as gain more input from others!
    -Finally, have fun! That’s what this learning project is all about!

    I look forward to following you on this journey of yours!


  2. I’m so excited to keep up with your journey! I’m From a really small country town and bluegrass music and banjo playing are huge! I’m learning the guitar for my own learning project but I’ve told myself that if I succeed at my goals for guitar, I’ll try taking up the banjo too. There’s just something so quirky and fun sounding about it. Best of luck!


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