Feed Me? Oh… Feedly!

Feedly… That’s a word that was completely foreign to me last month. Today’s status? It is a website that has made online networking SO MUCH EASIER for me!

Like any mature, logical student would do at the thought of trying something new, I panicked. At first, I felt as though this requirement would be impossible for me! I was told to download an RSS  and all I could think was this will be impossible to learn, it sounds scary, I don’t want to…

Okay, so I calmed down eventually and pulled up my socks so to speak. Do you want to know the truth? RSS sites are awesome! At least, Feedly is awesome… that is the only one that I have tried so far. However, I do plan on exploring other options moving forward to compliment my experience.

I chose to make three separate feed categories on my account. I have Education, Culinary Adventures, and Children’s ministry categories. I chose these things because they are my current employment focuses. I am an educator and a learner, a beginner caterer, and a Children’s ministry director. I am hoping that the resources I follow will help me learn in these areas, as well as give me opportunities to share rich resources with others… sharing is caring right?

feedly screenshot

Some of my favourite resources so far are Education Week, Educational Technology, Kids Ministry, and The Daring English Teacher.

Follow me on Twitter , where I will be sharing many of the great resources that I come across on Feedly@danicafehr !


4 thoughts on “Feed Me? Oh… Feedly!

  1. I like how you made three separate categories for your content…makes it more organizing and easier to find things. This is something I may also have to do in the future! A suggestion I have is maybe you could elaborate on why those certain resources are your favourite so others have an idea of what they are about!


  2. I loved your honesty in your article! Some students seem to be able to jump into anything new with no problem. It was nice to know I’m not the only who panicks a little at the thought of learning something new. I also love all the personality you show in your posts. Your articles are always fun to read!

    Thanks for sharing about your favourite Feedly pages as well! I defiantly took a glance at them and followed Education Week and Education Technology. One that I have gotten some great information out of is Cool Cat Teacher. She shares about a large array of information in the education field, from how to promote student success to the importance of self care as a teacher.

    Keep up the great posts!


  3. Hey Kennedy! Thanks for your reply.

    No, you are definitely not alone in your feelings of panic. That is why it is so nice to have such a wonderful community of peers to learn alongside!

    I am following Cool Cat Teacher now as well. Thank you for sharing!


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