The Intimidating TweetDeck…

Imagine… you are entering the third Zoom chat for #edtc300; a class that is so far out of your comfort zone, that it feels as though your body is working ahead of your brain. It is as though the concepts of the class have you racing ahead in action, before understanding actually sinks in. Each time you prepare to engage in a class, you hope and pray that you will be able to figure out how to use the technology presented to you in a timely manner.

Fast forward… you are feeling confident, courageous, brilliant even! You have mastered the art of tweeting, blogging, chatting, and zooming… or so you let yourself believe. It is now time for the fourth Zoom chat. You feel good. You feel adequately prepared. You are wrong…

This week, we had to take part in a twitter chat for #edtc300. We were ensured that it would be okay, that we would have a test run, and that the overwhelming feeling would pass eventually. Although this may be correct, it did not sound promising to me at the time. I CAN’T do a twitter chat, I thought to myself as my classmates seemed to ease into the class chat. I can’t even find anyone’s names to add the proper columns to my TweetDeck! How will I conquer this step in my learning process??

As usual, it was not as bad as it seemed. After some assistance from my instructor, and some deep breathing, I was able to engage with my classmates in a totally new format with relative ease.

Baby steps. I made it through class and now it was time to explore the Twitter Chat world all on my own! This process did not go totally smoothly, but here are the steps that I took:

  1. Search through list of twitter chats to pick one that I can attend.
  2. Realize that almost none of the listed times work with my schedule.
  3. Get frustrated.
  4. Search for other lists.
  5. Fail at properly using a time zone converter and temporarily give up.
  6. Search the new list provided in our Slack community.
  7. Choose the chat that interests me most.
  8. Tweet to see if the #fcpslearn chat was still on and plan to attend.
  9. Realize, once again, that I messed up the time zone.
  10. Return to chat list.
  11. Pick #2PencilChat and realize it is starting right then!
  12. Frantically try to find out who the host of the chat is, in order to add the correct column.
  13. Search the host’s name and find out that the chat name was sufficient.
  14. Join the chat.
  15. Answer the questions, to the best of my ability.
  16. Try to respond to others’ insights, but settle for liking the comments that I agree with in my rush to keep up.
  17. Complete the chat and breathe… breathe deeply!

In the end, that chat experience was pretty good. The topic was incorporating African American history in the classroom (in honour of Black History Month), but my takeaways are directly linked to incorporating First Nations history in the classroom.

This site gives many good examples of twitter chat benefits, as well as a list of rules to follow. Gaining knowledge from others and sharing my expertise are the two benefits that speak to me most deeply. I am passionate about expanding my personal learning network and I think that twitter chats will help me to do so. I am excited to keep trying these chats, and to discover the ones that I am able to participate in regularly.

I would love to hear from you! What are some of your favourite twitter chats?

4 thoughts on “The Intimidating TweetDeck…

  1. Im glad your first Twitter Chat ended up being a good experience!! I enjoy that you added your step by step process!

    I tried out #saskedchat and really enjoyed it. I’m also looking forward to trying out #ECEchat and #reggioPLC!!


  2. Hi Danica,
    So good to hear that you enjoyed your first Twitter chat experience despite the initial overwhelming feeling, I felt that too! I Love your addition of the poll at the end of your blog post and I also recommend #saskedchat! Keep up the great work in #edtc300, it may be outside your comfort zone but you are doing a fabulous job staying engaged!
    Your #edtc400 peer,


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