B     A     N     J     O,

B     A     N     J     O,

B     A     N     J     O,

and… Banjo makes her grin-oh!

Let me guess, you simply read those first few lines. If so,  listen to this and then start reading this post all over again…

Okay.. that’s better!

I really am enjoying learning the banjo (check out this blog to see why)! I was unable to put in as many hours as I had hoped this week, so I have to admit that my goal was not met in regard to practice time. I am not giving up though- I will master the banjo and I will find time (need some time management tips too?) to practice more!

This week, I have been inspired by Willow Osborne:


You can probably see why! Although it will presumably take me years to come close to her level, she makes me want to keep trying!

This week, I went through lesson 2 of the “Learn to Play Bluegrass Banjo” channel by Jim Pankey on Youtube.

The first setback that I faced was accessing the video itself. The speaker on my laptop has stopped working, and I did not want to try using headphones while playing. Thankfully, I was able to connect to my Youtube account on our TV:Capture

This lesson taught me two new techniques: a hammer-on and a slide, which I have attempted to demonstrate in the following video. Jim’s teaching style works well for me, as he is encouraging while stressing the importance of practice. He begins lesson 2 with a review of lesson 1, and stresses that viewers should be able to play the basic patterns while holding a conversation at this point (I think I need to step back and practice for longer before I move any further)! Even though I these are not face to face lessons, he keeps me focused and gives adequate time for me to catch on (not perfect or make it sound good, mind you) to what he is teaching.

If you feel like witnessing my okay-ish attempt at these new techniques, as well as my (not so obvious) progress with the lesson 1 techniques, take a look at this video:

Thanks for staying TUNED (get it?) in on my banjo playing journey! Until next time, take care and enjoy my music (I use that term very loosely here).

10 thoughts on “B.A.N.J.O.

  1. Hi Danica! First of all, *insert round of applause here*! You are doing such a wonderful job with your learning project! I know you are still just getting started but you have already got some basics handled quite well so that’s really great to see! I love the videos you are incorporating into your blog posts! It really shows that you are utilizing technology to its fullest in this project! I also think it’s great that you share you setback and concerns with everyone! With learning anything new, there is always going to be struggles and I think you are doing a great job at acknowledging these struggles and working through them! I can’t wait to see what else you have to share! Keep strumming!
    -Your Mentor, Lauren Sauser


  2. Danica, great job so far! You are too modest as you are doing so great already! I love the amount of videos and links you provided, they help make your blog more fun! And your intro about “BINGO” peaked my interest right away so that is awesome! Keep it up – I’m excited to keep watching your progress!


  3. Danica, I love the banjo. The music, I cannot play. I think your determination will make you a great banjo player in no time. I love the humour and personality that you bring to your posts. Keep up the great work!


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