“Amazing Grace”- It is Not a Race

Amazing Grace is one of my absolute favourite songs. I hope to use my banjo, one day, for worship and to minister to others. However, I first need some (or A LOT) of practice!

As promised, I do have a video to share with you all today. This is, by no means, a perfected skill. I am happy with how far I have come, though, and I am confident in my potential. I will keep practicing this song for a few more days before I tackle the next one.

The video I used to learn Amazing Grace is a wonderful resource! Having never played an actual song on the banjo before, I was able to follow along easily and put the right notes together with little difficulty. It is a great foundational video, and has left me encouraged to keep practicing! I am not racing through these lessons, because I want to really retain these skills, in order to play banjo for the rest of my life, or at least as long as possible.

Listen to my progress below, and let me know which song you would like me to learn next!

For practice, I would like to learn the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song or Country Roads by John Denver. Which one should I start with?


8 thoughts on ““Amazing Grace”- It is Not a Race

  1. Wow Danica! This is so great to see you post a video of you playing in action! You sound great! You sure have come a long way in this learning project in just a short period of time! I have never learnt an instrument myself so I can only imagine how difficult it must be! I also really like how you mentioned in your post that you are not trying to rush your learning process, which is something I think is very admirable! I think that when people start learning a new skill they often try to master it and take on too much too fast! I think your approach is great! Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to hear your next clip, as both the songs you have listed for potential next steps sound great!

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    1. Thank you Lauren. It is hard not to rush into new skills, especially when you really want the end result. However, I am being intentional about allowing myself the time that I need. Thank you for the encouragement once again!


  2. Sounds good already, Can’t wait to see the progress you make next week. I totally agree with Laurens comment and you about rushing skills, and it’s a mistake I made in my own learning project. I was very eager to learn the harder skills that only years of practiced musicians have perfected and I skipped over lots of the basics. This hurt me in the long run as I have had to go back and learn them over again. Cudos to you for avoiding this!

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    1. Thanks Kennedy! I am trying to avoid relearning the same skills as much as I can. I think that regular practice is the most important factor in succeeding with an instrument, so hopefully I can find time each day to work on my banjo learning. Thank you for your encouraging words!

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  3. I really love the banjo and LOVE the song Amazing Grace, it is a personal favourite of mine too. You are doing incredible! I love that you are confident and feeling your progress, this is so important for us to succeed. I agree with the above statements, I think it is great that you value the basics and beginning steps in learning the banjo. I vote for Country Roads by John Denver.

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