Detective Danica

Cybersleuthing … does anybody else think Sherlock Holmes meets internet?

This week, we were asked to form groups and practice our internet detective skills on a classmate. My partner is Jocelyn McGillivray and, as it turns out, she is not very easy to cybersleuth.

Here you can see my detective work in action. A while ago, our class was introduced to a Google extension that allows screencasting. I was slightly intimidated by the idea of this tool but added it to my account anyways. This week, though, I decided that it was time to try it out. Do you know what I discovered? It is great! Better yet… it is actually super easy to use!

Back to Jocelyn; I was not able to find an abundance of online evidence and was unable to reach a very thorough conclusion of who Jocelyn is. However, I was able to gather some clues from Twitter and WordPress.

Here is what I found out:

Jocelyn McGillivray

Keep in mind, this is only gathered from two social media platforms and represents a small portion of Jocelyn’s online presence (as both of these accounts were made this January and she does have other social media accounts that we can presume have been around for longer). This being said, I did not succeed in finding those other accounts, which proves that her digital identity is pretty secure. Kudos to Jocelyn!

All in all, the evidence of Jocelyn’s presence online has been nothing short of professional, positive, and pleasant. Based on her digital identity, I do not see any reason for employers to turn her away.

Thankfully, Jocelyn does not appear to have taken part in, or became a victim of, cyber shaming.

Although they may not have impacted Jocelyn directly, these are real issues today. That is why it is so important to raise awareness around digital footprints and the permanence of online content.

Signing off,

Detective (not really) Danica


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