Sketchnoting, Video-noting, and Music-noting

Hi friends,

Get comfortable… because I have A LOT to share with you this week!

Last Wednesday, we were all challenged to learn A NEW way to document our learning! *Insert panic and tears here*… not really though. In all seriousness, this was the first time that I did not feel intimidated AT ALL by the thought of new technological tools! How’s that for progress?

I instantly began brainstorming different tools that I could explore…


I even reached out to the Twitter community, in order to gain some insight…

After a winning vote, Sketchnoting became my new goal! Rather than bore those of you who are not interested, with the details, I will simply provide the highlights of my journey with this new tool:

Reasons I love Sketchnoting (follow this link for a list of apps to try):

  1. I am a visual learner, and sketchnoting includes pictures.
  2. I think that it is super fun!
  3. I really believe that it could be a great tool in my future classroom (it is productive doodling).
  4. The word sketchnoting is unique and consequently sparks my interest.
  5. It is pretty easy to do because any level of artistic ability is sufficient.

Some challenges that I faced:

  1. The app I downloaded to my phone worked well until it came time to view my “saved” notes. They did not save anywhere on my phone OR in the app itself. Granted, this may have been a user error so I am not blaming anyone here.
  2. I had to start over on my notes because of challenge #1.
  3. It is hard to draw with your fingers on a phone screen, but I am sure this will get easier in time.

Sketch Note is extremely easy to use, and I figured out that I can simply take screenshots of my completed notes for now. If any of you have used this app and know how to find your saved notes, please leave me a comment!

My next task was to add my sketchnotes to my video. Here is a screencast to demonstrate the steps that I took to achieve this.

I used this video to begin learning my next song. It was super fun and easy to follow!

And now… what you’ve all been waiting for…the final product:

Thanks for checking in again!