Can you Hear the Difference?

Good morning!

I just had to write this post and let you all know (and hear for yourselves) that I have FINALLY TUNED MY BANJO!

With the help of my husband and this video, these strings are ready for more strumming!

Can you hear the difference? Are your ears hurting a little less now? I know I can!

It was really fun to tune my banjo because neither my husband or I have ever tuned an instrument by ear before. It was awesome to learn a new skill and even more awesome to play Amazing Grace and Country Roads, AND be able to recognize them!

I would love to hear about your tuning experiences as well. Please feel free to answer my poll and leave a comment with advice, wisdom, or a funny story!

5 thoughts on “Can you Hear the Difference?

  1. Hey Danica!
    This sounds awesome! I also have never tuned an instrument before and honestly would have no idea where to start! I had no idea that there were videos out there for teaching you how to do this. On second thought, there are videos out there for almost everything so this shouldn’t have been such a surprise for me! Nonetheless, you are sounding awesome! I can’t wait to hear what you play next! I have casted my vote for more Amazing Grace so fingers crosse! However I would love to hear anything! Happy playing!

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  2. I can definitely hear the difference, Danica! Great job! As someone who doesn’t have an ear for music and pitches, I am amazed at how you were able to tune your banjo by ear! I agree with Lauren, I would love to hear more Amazing Grace and look forward to what you play next week! You have come such a long way since your first post, keep up the great work!

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