You Can do it Too… I Believe in You!

Most of you know by now that I have been learning the banjo. You also probably know that I have been practicing the song Amazing Grace.

Now it is your turn!

I have created a video to teach all of you how you can enjoy playing this wonderful song too!

If you have a banjo in your closet collecting dust… go get it! Take it out. Dust it off. Tune it if you need to and then join me as we learn Amazing Grace together!

Now that you have had a chance to learn a song, keep practicing! You do not want to lose the knowledge that you just gained. However, you can revisit this video as many times as you need to.

Have fun strumming!

P.S. I apologize that this is being posted today after I told you it would be up last night. Uploading my video to Youtube has taken many hours this time.

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