Exploring Recommended Resources

Part of my EDTC300 experience was gaining insight and inspiration from classmates’ blog posts. Learning from others is made easy with online tools. Blogging is one effective way to share knowledge, and that was no exception in our class:

Andrea’s blog post inspired me to try Inoreader. Inoreader is an RSS reader, that allows users to access specific content quickly, according to their interests. They even have a video that explains its benefits. I created an account, and began adding content to my menu.


Since I already have a Feedly account, I decided to add different categories to my Inoreader account, in order to view content that I may not currently be seeing. I only have a few right now, but will keep adding content as time goes on. I found the website very easy to use, and signing up for an account only takes a couple of minutes.

Courtney’s post challenged me to try Weebly, Flipgrid, and Mentimeter. I do plan on creating a website, eventually, for my catering business. When the time comes to get started, I think that I will try using Weebly to accomplish this.

Flipgrid is a great resource for learning, and will definitely be used in my future classroom. I love the features that it includes and have favourited it for future use!

Mentimeter is another really cool resource, that I have bookmarked for future use. If you follow this link, you can watch their promotional video and see why.

Kennedy’s post made me want to explore Google Keep. This is a note taking tool, that is linked to your google account. I like the simplicity of this resource and will use it quite a bit.

By reading three blog posts from my classmates, I was able to gain five new online resources to enhance my learning, as well as my future students’ learning. Blogging is a great way to learn from one another and share our individual knowledge.


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