EFLD 310- Experience #2 Reflection

My first day in the school was this past Thursday, September 26th, and it exceeded my expectations by far! I have been assigned to a grade 8/9 split class with two wonderful co-op teachers to learn from, as well as a fantastic staff willing to provide us with opportunities above and beyond the requirements.

My partner and I will be co-teaching several lessons in the next few weeks and individually teaching others. We will cover a range of subject areas and grade levels throughout our experience, which is more than I could have asked for!

For this experience, we were instructed to plan an introductory activity to get to know the class. Here is my lesson plan for the activity that I chose:

Ice Breaker (Introduction Activity) – Field Placement 2019
September 26th, 2019
“Two Truths and a Lie”
I will begin by introducing myself to the students. I will then ask them if they have played “Two Truths and a Lie” before. If not, I will explain how it works and ask that the student to raise their hand if they have a guess. The person whose turn it is can call on them to answer. I will also ask that each student starts with their name. I will remind students to keep it school appropriate at all times.
Each person in the room will take their turn. I will then thank the class and the activity will conclude.
Management: If a student is struggling to come up with an answer, or does not feel comfortable participating, I will simply move on to the next student and come back to them if they later feel ready to take their turn.
Reflection: Overall, I am happy with the way that this activity turned out. The students seemed to enjoy guessing each other’s answers and I thoroughly enjoyed learning a little bit about each of them. The activity flowed well and it did not take long to get through the whole class. One thing that I could have done better is sticking to my rule about raising hands. The students were speaking before raising their hands but, since it did not get chaotic or difficult to hear, I allowed them to continue without reminding them of that rule. I did have to use my management technique a couple of times, and it was adequate in keeping the activity flowing smoothly. It was a fun activity and I am content with its success.

Aside from the success of my introductory activity, I feel happy with every other aspect of my first day in the school.

One of the classrooms that the grade 8/9 students use primarily has given me great inspiration for my future classroom. Many instructional strategies are evident in the physical set up of the classroom. Here are some images that demonstrate such evidence:


I am leaving my first field placement experience feeling inspired and excited for the future.

Thanks for reading! I will post a reflection after each placement experience.

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