Election Time (Field Experience #6)

Friday, October 18th, was my sixth field experience day. I was able to teach a lesson on the Canadian Election and take part in facilitating the student election in my coop school. Most of the materials and resources that I used were at the school already, so I did not create a formal lesson plan of my own this day. However, here is an outline of my lesson that day:

  1. Create a concept map on the board of the various political parties in Canada and their platforms. Address the main issues and each party’s stance on them as a large group.
  2. Read some of the information (previously researched and printed out on paper) to the students regarding each party.
  3. Address any questions the students may have.
  4. Explain the voting process.
  5. Student Vote (with other grades)

Bitmoji ImageThe students asked some well thought out questions and seemed to be very interested in learning about the election. I really enjoyed this lesson because I see so much value in teaching students about the importance and process of voting. It also pushed me to research every party more thoroughly and become further educated on the election process myself.



That day, my partner and I also had a chance to complete our painting assignment with the class during Arts Ed. (we started in on Tuesday and continued it Thursday and Friday). I was really happy with the end results of this lesson, as every student ended up with a slightly different painting and many of them were really proud of their work. It also helped me to develop painting skills and my final piece was much more appealing than the first attempt (see below). I would definitely run a painting workshop like this again in a middle years classroom!

Overall, this was a wonderful way to end my week and I left that day feeling enthusiastic about my practicum, this program, and my teaching career!

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