Goals, Learning Outcomes and Indicators (Personal Growth Plan) For a Successful Internship (Entry #4)

Goals for a Successful Internship (given to us by our placement supervisor):

A. Personal Attributes: Interns will develop personal qualities that demonstrate an interest in and commitment to teaching, learning, and the teaching profession.
B. Relationships and Management: Interns will develop their abilities for creating and maintaining positive relationships and an environment that is conducive to student-centered learning.
C. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Interns will develop their abilities for planning, presenting, and assessing lessons that meet the needs of all students.
D. Social Justice and Community: Interns will develop an interest in and commitment to addressing issues of social justice as they relate to education and to the larger community.

Professional Growth Plan Goals:

I will start a journal that I can use to record observations and ideas to enhance my personal teaching experience. This will be used to develop positive attributes that will help me create the type of classroom environment that I hope for. I will try my best to include as much student-led learning and inquiry-based learning as possible in my future lesson plans. I would also like to start incorporating formative assessment tools that allow me to assess the understanding and progress of each individual student. I will use social media (most likely Twitter) to share resources that address social justice issues relating to education when I can, in order to help spread awareness in the education community.

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