Goals, Learning Outcomes and Indicators (Personal Growth Plan) For a Successful Internship (Entry #5)

Goals for a Successful Internship (given to us by our placement supervisor):

A. Personal Attributes: Interns will develop personal qualities that demonstrate an interest in and commitment to teaching, learning, and the teaching profession.
B. Relationships and Management: Interns will develop their abilities for creating and maintaining positive relationships and an environment that is conducive to student-centered learning.
C. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Interns will develop their abilities for planning, presenting, and assessing lessons that meet the needs of all students.
D. Social Justice and Community: Interns will develop an interest in and commitment to addressing issues of social justice as they relate to education and to the larger community.

Professional Growth Plan Goals:

You are probably getting tired of reading these goal summaries by now, so I am going to set this one up in a different format (variety makes it less tiring right?). Since I have not met all of my goals yet, I am going to take this opportunity to outline specific steps for myself in order to work towards the professional goals that I have already set.

Steps to Take:

  1. Make a digital list of social justice resources.
  2. Start a teacher journal with sections labeled: a) current events/ issues resources and reflections                                                                                                                                    b) lesson reflections (professional development)                                                                c) PD opportunities and reflections                                                                                          d) teacher-student relationships and goals
  3. start participating in education-related twitter chats again and share resources/ valuable tools with the education community on twitter

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