Goals, Learning Outcomes and Indicators (Personal Growth Plan) For a Successful Internship (Entry #6)

Goals for a Successful Internship (given to us by our placement supervisor):

A. Personal Attributes: Interns will develop personal qualities that demonstrate an interest in and commitment to teaching, learning, and the teaching profession.
B. Relationships and Management: Interns will develop their abilities for creating and maintaining positive relationships and an environment that is conducive to student-centered learning.
C. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Interns will develop their abilities for planning, presenting, and assessing lessons that meet the needs of all students.
D. Social Justice and Community: Interns will develop an interest in and commitment to addressing issues of social justice as they relate to education and to the larger community.

Professional Growth Plan Goals (based on feedback from my coop teachers and placement partner, as well as on self-reflection):

  1. Use positive language, rather than words like don’t, etc. During my lesson, I said the words “don’t rush” four times. My coop teacher pointed out that this can be an invitation for some kids to do the exact opposite. Instead, I can use language like “take your time.”
  2. Take every opportunity that I can to connect with the students. During my Arts Ed. lesson, I only thoroughly explained two of the sections on the identity map that I created. Going through all of the sections would have been a great opportunity for the students to get to know me. It also would have enhanced my instruction time. I will seek opportunities like this moving forward and will try harder to take full advantage of them.
  3. Listen to the questions that students are quietly asking each other (some may be too shy to ask me) and allow these to drive my lesson.
  4. Always have the next lesson prepared and available, in case students know that they will be absent the next day.


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