Goals, Learning Outcomes and Indicators (Personal Growth Plan) For a Successful Internship (Entry #7)

Goals for a Successful Internship (given to us by our placement supervisor):

A. Personal Attributes: Interns will develop personal qualities that demonstrate an interest in and commitment to teaching, learning, and the teaching profession.
B. Relationships and Management: Interns will develop their abilities for creating and maintaining positive relationships and an environment that is conducive to student-centered learning.
C. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Interns will develop their abilities for planning, presenting, and assessing lessons that meet the needs of all students.
D. Social Justice and Community: Interns will develop an interest in and commitment to addressing issues of social justice as they relate to education and to the larger community.

Professional Growth Plan Goals:

What I need to focus on:

  1. Keep a journal throughout the next few months, adding to the sections when I can. Our placement is done for the semester, but my courses and my job both provide opportunities to teach and to work on my goals. This ties in with goals that center around building honest relationships with students, maintaining an attitude that benefits the classroom, striving for adaptations that allow every student to grow, developing my lesson planning skills, and staying updated on current social issues and education-related topics.
  2. Keep documenting my progress and asking for feedback. I will continue to reach out to people in the education field through this blog (on other sections) and through twitter. This helps keep me accountable to my goals and seek advice.

What my placement partner can help me with: My partner and I observed each other’s lessons several times this semester and provided written and verbal feedback as much as we could. This was really helpful for both of us and we were able to learn from one another throughout the entire placement. We plan to continue this in the spring semester, as we are both coming back to the same school and arranging our days to be there together again. I will review my professional goals with her before our spring placement begins, as well as before each lesson that she observes. This will help me to gain insight as to whether or not I am meeting those goals

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