Noticing Numbers (Field Experience #5)

Last Thursday, October 17th, marked field experience #5 in my pre-internship journey (I am a little behind on blogging)! That day, I chose to teach a grade 8 Math lesson on order of operations using integers. I was a little bit nervous, as Math does not always come easy to me. However, I marched ahead and accepted the challenge as yet another wonderful opportunity for growth! I will attach my lesson plan below for those of you who are interested.

3 Things That Went Well:

1) The students were really engaged in the lesson and willingly worked with their classmates to learn with a cooperative approach.

you are a cutie pie

2) I was able to teach the lesson with confidence and my instructions came across clearly.

3) I did make a mistake while teaching the lesson, enabling me to explain to the students that I too am always learning and allowing a more relatable experience for the class.

I had my practicum partner observe this lesson for me as well. She made some notes for me and helped me to reflect on my teaching a create new goals moving forward.

3 Things To Improve:

1) The students did not have nearly enough time to complete the assignment, so I was unable to collect them at the end of the lesson. Since I had included them as an assessment tool, I did not follow my plan fully. Next time, I would include an activity like that as practice for the students and assess purely through observation for that day.

2) I was not speaking loud enough at times during my instruction, so I will keep this in mind as I continue to teach.

3) It would have been nice to spread this lesson out and use two periods to get through it. More examples would have been beneficial for the students prior to the worksheet.

Here is the lesson plan:

Field Experience #4 Math Lesson Plan

Grade: 8

Subject: Math

Theme/Topic: Integers and Order of Operations

Outcome(s) and Indicators:

N8.5: Demonstrate understanding of multiplication and division of integers concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.

(g) Explain how the order of operations can be extended to include integers and provide examples to demonstrate the use of the order of operations.

Methods: teacher-led instruction to begin the lesson (go through some examples together), followed by a handout for the students to complete

Management Implications: I will circulate the room while the students work on the assignment, enabling me to monitor behaviour easily and step in where needed.

Adaptations for Student Needs: I will assist students individually during the activity, adapting the assignment where necessary.

Setting the Stage for Learning: I will write some key questions on the whiteboard to set the stage for the lesson today.

Materials: whiteboard, markers, handouts 


  1. Go over a few examples as a large group
  2. Hand out worksheets and ask students to form groups of three
  3. Instruct students to work cooperatively, leaving no group member behind
  4. assist groups as needed 

Closure (summary/assignment): The students will complete an assignment to finish off the lesson.

Student Assessment: I will assess students’ understanding through observation during instruction and during their assignment. The completed assignments may be collected for assessment as well.

Personal Goals: (professional growth plan) My goal is to teach this lesson with transparency. I hope to be confident and honest at the same time, letting the students know that we are truly learning together.


Math Worksheets:

Saskatchewan Curriculum (Grade 8 Math):


Much to my surprise, I had a lot of fun teaching Math and I am looking forward to teaching it more in the future!

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