Here We Go… My Second Last Year of School!

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It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my blog, but I am now jumping into the new school year with these words in mind…

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Saying Goodbye in Summary

This video demonstrates my understandings and takeaways from ECS 110 this term. There were a lot of topics introduced throughout this course, but I chose to focus on the areas that impacted me the most. Enjoy!

Adobe Spark and The Boot Scootin’ Boogie!

Thanks to my awesome EDTC300 classmate Kayla, and her inspiring blog post, I have learned how to make a pretty cool video on Adobe Spark! This website is really easy to use and I would definitely recommend it to others!

With the guidance of another EDTC300 classmate, Mackenzie, and her challenging blog post, I have decided to make a video of my experience learning a new dance (from the video that Mackenzie shared in her post). I am not nearly as good at following the directions as she is, but I was able to learn from Mackenzie’s experience nonetheless!

Here it is:



Danica Fehr Production’s EDTC 300 Learning Project Tour!

Welcome to Danica Fehr Production’s EDTC 300 Learning Project Tour! I ask that you please turn the volume up as loud as you can and get cozy because you are in for a great show…

PART ONE: Amazing Grace and Country Roads

Intermission Podcast:

One of my EDTC goals was to create a podcast, something that I had never done before. I began by looking at this website to gain an understanding of how to do this. I then decided to make an account on the Anchor website. It has great reviews and did not cost anything to use, so I used it to practice recording a podcast. One of my favourite features of this website is that you can record directly from it, so you don’t need to upload pre-recorded files. Now, after this intermission, this particular podcast will not continue. I did, however, gain the necessary skills, during this experience, to start a podcast in the future.

PART TWO: Man of Constant Sorrow

Thank you, everybody, for coming out today! I’ve had a lot of fun and hope that you all enjoyed the show. Don’t forget to check out our FREE merchandise stand on your way out! You can take a look at a couple of custom items, from Danica Fehr Productions: EDTC 300 Learning Project Tour, absolutely free of charge! Take care!

ENCORE: 2 Versions of Brother John and Jesus Loves Meusing chords learned here!

Fan Quiz (TRY IT OUT!):

I created the above quiz using It was really easy to create an account and did not demand a lot of information to get started. The website is really easy to use and includes many templates, options to customize, and options to connect with other apps. The only challenge that I faced was that I can not figure out if there is a way to add the correct answers to my quiz. Therefore, it looks as though you are answering correctly, regardless of which choice you click on. However, it is just for fun and I am not too concerned about that right now. I had a very positive experience with this online tool and will be using it again!

Free Merchandise Stand:

Danica Fehr Productions (A Chronological Summary) FREE TO VIEW

I created this storybook using and really enjoyed the experience. There are so many free images to use, templates, design options, text options, and customizing tools. It is also really easy to upload photos for your project. The only downside is that you need to pay to be able to share the link for your project. However, mine only cost $1.00, so it was worth it still.

Danica Fehr Productions (A Comic Strip Summary)- FREE TO VIEW

I used to create this comic strip and it was really fun! I only have the free trial right now, but I would definitely consider purchasing the paid version. I highly recommend checking out this online tool, whether you are looking to create comics for fun, or use it in the classroom.


My Next Steps:

-learn the full song Country Roads (I will probably need to purchase a lesson for this, as I was unable to find a free one)

-learn the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song

-Post a progress video in a couple of months (maybe sooner- we will see how it goes)


With that, there is just one last EDTC 300 documentation goal that I haven’t yet fulfilled… Bitmoji!

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Tonight, I have decided to go back to an older post on my classmate’s blog, where she teaches her audience how to introduce ourselves in Cree.

Cree is one of the languages that I really want to learn because it is a widely present language in the area I live in and knowing it would benefit my students. According to my classmate’s video, there are 87,555 Cree Language speakers in Canada! It is definitely a language that I should learn at least the basics of!

I really appreciated this lesson and will show you what I have learned…

Basic Cree Introduction:

tansi _Danica_ nitisiyihkâson

(Hello my name is __Danica__)

êkwa __Love___ ohci niya

(and I am from __Love__)

This is another example of how we can use online tools, such as blogging, to learn from one another!

Deep in Thought

I am writing this post because I am currently feeling inspired and full of emotion (when am I not?), after leaving our last EDTC300 class tonight. I am so full of joy because I have gained so many wonderful people in my PLN, throughout this course. I am excited to continue learning from my peers, as I continue to follow them on several social platforms.

To all of my EDTC300 classmates: THANK YOU FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL! Enjoy the break (or the degree)!

Here is another poem, to summarize my gratitude. I am thankful for:

E-xcellent classmates and inspirational discussions

D-iverse perspectives and community learning

T-errific instruction (thanks Katia!)

E-ducational resources to take with me through life

C-aring mentorship throughout my journey

H-onest effort from everyone involved

With Gratitude,


My Contribution to EDTC300

Let me start by saying that I can not believe it is the end of this course already! I have really enjoyed edtc300, and am a little bit sad that it has already come to an end.

Part of the reason that I have enjoyed the course so much, is that we have developed a strong community of learners within our class. Because of our online tools, we were able to collaborate with one another throughout each week and enhance each others’ learning.

I did my very best to contribute to this course, and have been successful in my role as a classmate who encourages others, shares resources, and enhances learning for others.

Here is a link to a google doc that includes all of my class contributions for the term. It is extremely long, so I will summarize it in this post for those of you who are not marking me and do not need to see all of my examples.

  1. I will start with WordPress. I tried to inspire others through my own blog posts, and made sure to engage in every conversation that resulted on my blog. Near the beginning of the term, I downloaded the WordPress app on my phone, which made it really easy to see when new posts were made on the blogs that I follow (which is every blog from our class list and some of the EDTC400 ones). Because of this, I commented on many posts every week and was able to contribute to most of my classmates’ learning in this way.

The only setback that I found was that some of the blogs, that did not use WordPress, did not always show up on my notifications and I was not able to engage in those posts as often. However, I went above and beyond every week in commenting on posts and I am very thankful that I did, because I learned a lot from my classmates’ experiences in this course. In fact, I ended up creating an extra category on my blog specifically for responding to others’ posts.

2. Twitter was also a great place for me to contribute to the course. I created my twitter account at the beginning of the term, and ended up enjoying it a lot throughout the course. I shared many resources, retweeted many classmates’ tweets, reached out to others for support (both for my own learning and many of my classmates’ learning), and participated in three Twitter chats throughout the term. Here is a link to my Twitter account, where you will see evidence of all of these contributions throughout the entire term.

3. Our weekly Zoom meetings were another place that I contributed to the learning of others. Evidence can be found in the #edtc300recordings channel in our Slack community, but I have regularly participated in the class Zoom chats since the beginning of the term. I often contribute to group discussions, breakout rooms, chat conversations, and class activities. I have attended every Zoom chat this term and have participated each week.

4. Last, but certainly not least, I should mention the Slack community. I used this resource to encourage others, share resources, ask questions, and contribute to others’ learning frequently throughout the term. Here are a few examples of my contributions on this platform:

January 6th: I shared this resource, on the #resourcesharing channel, that outlines some professional development websites for teachers:

February 15th: I shared this guide in the #resourcesharing channel on Slack, to help others create their teaching philosophy:

April 8th: Screencast (shared on Slack in the #resourcesharing channel) that I made explaining how to find previous comments on WordPress (to help others’ with their contribution to learning post):

Overall, I gained a lot of insight from my EDTC300 classmates, and I hope that I was able to provide the same type of learning support for them. I tried my best to contribute in every way that I could and enjoyed all aspects of this course.

Thanks for reading!