Here We Go… My Second Last Year of School!

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It’s been a while since I have posted anything on my blog, but I am now jumping into the new school year with these words in mind…

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Deep in Thought

I am writing this post because I am currently feeling inspired and full of emotion (when am I not?), after leaving our last EDTC300 class tonight. I am so full of joy because I have gained so many wonderful people in my PLN, throughout this course. I am excited to continue learning from my peers, as I continue to follow them on several social platforms.

To all of my EDTC300 classmates: THANK YOU FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL! Enjoy the break (or the degree)!

Here is another poem, to summarize my gratitude. I am thankful for:

E-xcellent classmates and inspirational discussions

D-iverse perspectives and community learning

T-errific instruction (thanks Katia!)

E-ducational resources to take with me through life

C-aring mentorship throughout my journey

H-onest effort from everyone involved

With Gratitude,


A Reflective Poem

As my first term of education classes comes to a close, I believe that a little bit of reflection is in order. Today, I will share a poem and some word art with you to summarize my learning from this term.

She went to work with her head held high,

fell in love with teaching as the days went by.

As an EA, she learned many things;

growing in her field and realizing the great joy that it brings.

She knows in her heart, this is where she belongs;

to be an encouragement to children, her heart truly longs.

In the schools or at the church, she sees her impact;

that children need love is an inarguable fact.

Her first four classes have brought her so far,

for personal growth, many tools there are.

Linguistic diversity has become important to her,

she did not know, within it, how many benefits there were.

Experiential learning had been but a word,

the possibilities it brings makes her feel like a soaring bird.

Critical thinking is something for which she strives,

passing it on to students is something into which she will dive.

Finally technology, which enables her to write this post;

is something, with her students, through which she will coast.

Looking to the future truly warms her heart,

for lovingly learning alongside our youth is something in which she will do her part.

-Danica Fehr

(a poetic reflection on my first term in education classes)

The four classes that I have taken this term have really impacted me as an educator. I have been able to put into practice many of the things that I have learned, in my role as an Educational Associate and a Children’s Ministry leader. I am excited to see where the rest of my journey toward my Bachelor of Education degree takes me!

Using one of the technological tools that I have learned through this term, I will now share with you a visual representation of my learning thus far.

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