Because Actual Notes Just bring Opulence

B…A…N…J…O… not the easiest letters to work with in creating a title…

Anyway, my journey in banjo playing has begun and I would like to share with you my progress thus far, if you would like to be enlightened.

Here are some pictures to help you get a sense of the tools I am working with, as well as my feelings as I pulled my banjo out of its case.

I began with this video as my first lesson.

So far, I have been taught three basic patterns, all of which are solely using the right hand. I will be practicing these patterns for a couple of days before I attempt anything else.

Here is a video of my progress thus far:

As you can tell, these basic skills need some work, but I will get there!

To sum it all up:

Challenges: My phone will no longer connect to my laptop, so I had to learn how to use my computer’s camera feature to take photos and make videos. It went better than I anticipated though!

New skills: 1) 3 basic banjo patterns (although they are not perfected yet)

2) uploading videos to my Youtube channel

3) wearing finger picks properly

Realizations: I am going to need to not only practice, but tune my banjo as well!

Thanks for following along!