Teaching Philosophy

Teachers hold the unique potential to truly shape children’s individual aspirations. I love teaching because I love kids. I am passionate about nurturing those who are younger than I. I currently work as an educational associate and volunteer as a teacher for the children’s program in my church. I have a genuine enthusiasm for teaching and am truly happy when I am teaching and learning from kids.

Every student is unique and learns in their own way, and at their own pace. It is with this view that I have developed a desire for diversity in educational methods. I plan to use a combination of individual and group work, indoor and outdoor education, teacher-led and student-led learning, various forms of technology-supplemented learning, and as many choice assignments as possible. Land-based learning is one specific teaching approach that is very important to me. I believe that there is a vast array of knowledge at our fingertips when we take the time to explore nature. This is something that I am currently learning more about and would love to bring into my future classroom(s).

I believe in an assessment that focuses on the whole process of learning, including exploration, growth, trial and error, goal setting, planning, results, and reflection. I will strive to incorporate a variety of assessment methods in the classroom, including presentations, journaling, multi-media work, visual representations of learning, papers, quizzes, artwork, interviews, peer comments, self-reflection, and other creative outlets. I believe that this will give students the opportunity to appreciate multiple learning methods and to become familiar with methods that they may not be used to.

An effective teacher takes the time to get to know their students. An effective teacher is open to adjusting their lesson plans, when necessary, to accommodate individual needs and ensure positive experiences for every student in the classroom. I am intentional about relating to my students and providing the tools that each of them needs to succeed. I also have a very positive outlook and am not easily frustrated, making it easier to work with students in their learning. I will measure my efficiency based on student engagement, parent/guardian feedback, administrative reports, and self-reflection. If my students are able to reflect on their own learning, take control of their academic growth, be creative in their education, and confidently express their individuality through assignments, I believe that I am effective as a teacher. I want to spark a passion for learning in my students by demonstrating that same quality in my teaching. As an educator, I consistently work towards encouraging every child that I have the opportunity to work with. This encouragement directly affects the goals that I have as a teacher and results from a nurturing relationship with each student that is built in time.

As an educational associate, my methods vary greatly and are often determined by the teacher that I am working with. In the future, however, I plan to explore experiential learning, educational technology, and diversity-centered education as a teacher. I have a lot to learn about teaching and will never stop seeking further inspiration and educational approaches. I am focused on professional development and expanding my personal learning network, for the benefit of my students. I want my students to know how much I care about them, as well as to know that they are capable individuals. I want to promote kindness, individuality, a passion for lifelong learning beyond the curricular goals, creative expression, and self-awareness. If my students have explored these areas at length, and have developed a desire for further growth in these areas, I have met my goals as a teacher.

I am excited to better myself as an educator through research, observation of other teachers, trial and error, and professional development. It is my passion for learning that makes me a great teacher. I listen to the kids and learn from their unique stories and talents. I encourage them along their academic journey and seek to teach them in ways that they respond well to. I am a patient person, which is crucial in the classroom. When one strategy does not work out well, I am not afraid to try a new one. With my goals in mind, I am confident in moving forward as an educator.